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Mexican social security reports job increase highest in 10 years

Mexico — The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) says as of the last day of July, nearly 20 million jobs were registered with the agency.

The monthly creation of employment in July saw 54,669 positions listed, which they say in an increase of 16,505 or 43.2 percent more than that reported in the same month of 2017. “This is the biggest increase during a month of July in the last 10 years,” highlights the IMSS.

Approximately 86 percent of the jobs generated are permanent with 14 percent being temporary. In the last six years, these percentages have remained relatively constant, they say.

The annual growth in employment was driven by the agricultural sector with 8.1 percent, transport and communications with 5.9 percent and construction with 5.7 percent.

The states with the greatest annual increase are Quintana Roo, Baja California Sur and Zacatecas, with an increase of over 6.7 percent.

Their reports shows that nearly 3.7 million jobs were created during the current six-year administration, which they say is nearly double to the figures of job creation from the administration previous.

So far this year, 530,789 jobs have been created throughout the country, making it the second largest increase during a January-July period in the last 10 years.