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Mexican woman arrested for human trafficking South American girls

Mexico City, Mexico — A Mexican woman has been arrested in Mexico City for the human trafficking of young South American girls.

Evelyn Fabiola “N” has been arrested for her probable responsibility in the crime of human trafficking involving Latin American girls. A warrant for her arrest was issued by the Judge of Control of the Accusatory Procedural System of Mexico City March 26.

On April 13, she was arrested by agents of Interpol Mexico after the diplomatic security service of the Embassy of the United States told Mexico’s Criminal Investigation Agency that Fabiola “N” had a US visa appointment.

Fabiona N was found to be the alleged administrator of the escorts website Zona Divas, a Mexico-based website that offered sex online. The criminal investigation agency says that she was deceitful with young Venezuelan woman, offering them a job in Mexico. Once in the country, she forced them to provide sexual services in order to cover the costs to bring them to the country.

In a statement, the Office of the Attorney General reported that the capture derived from investigations carried out by the unit in coordination with authorities of the State of Mexico regarding the South American femicides from last year.

A judge has ruled Fabiona N remain free while prosecutors work on her case, however, the Attorney General of Mexico City says they will appeal the verdict and recommend she remain in custody.

On April 17, members of the Investigation Division of the Federal Police rescued 10 girls from trafficking and detained four women who were apparently in charge of caring for the girls in the municipality of Colonia Nápoles, in the Benito Juárez district of Mexico City.

In an operation coordinated by a specialized group, elements searched four apartments in the neighborhood where the victims lived. Most of the rescued girls were from South America.