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Mexicans arrested in Buenos Aires money laundering case

Buenos Aires, Argentina — Argentine security forces arrested a criminal gang in Buenos Aires dedicated to money laundering through drug trafficking. The gang were made up of Argentinians and Mexicans and linked to the cartel led by Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán official sources reported.

Through the operation called Lago Tropical, the Argentine Police carried out twelve raids in the province and city of Buenos Aires for a millionaire money laundering led by the Mexican cartel of Sinaloa, El Chapo Guzmán.

During a press conference, the Argentine Security Minister, Patricia Bullrich, provided details about the raids for money laundering that ended with arrests in the area of the Northeastern Buenos Aires of a gang that laundered money from cocaine drug trafficking.

“The investigation took place as a result of the 2014 drug trafficking case, where 2,000 kilos of liquid cocaine were stolen from a Mexican port,” said the minister.

The main figure of the investigation is the businessman Hernán Westmann, a fugitive accused responsible for laundering the proceeds of that confiscation in 2014.

“Hernán Gabriel Westmann is the head of the organization linked to the traffic of liquid cocaine. He was traveling to Martin Garcia Island to withdraw money,” explained Bullrich.

After the raids, the security forces arrested a total of seven people and seized eight buildings valued at $4 million USD along with four vehicles, an aircraft and a boat, valued at $290,000.

The laundering of money from the drugs was carried out in an exchange house north of the province of Buenos Aires. Lago Tropical was the name of an off-shore company located in Uruguay , according to the Argentine Ministry of Security.

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