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Mexico battles cyber insecurities with new strategies

Mexico City, Mexico — In the country, Mexico has attended to more than 200,000 cyber attacks and neutralized more than 16,000 apocryphal sites over the last five years.

The information was revealed today by the head of the National Security Commission (CNS), Manelich Castilla.

In the context of cyber security, PoliciaFedMx makes a constant effort to tend to the more than 200,000 cyber incidents and neutralization of 16,000 apocryphal websites in collaboration with state and federal agencies.

Castilla confirmed that the scientific division of the Federal Police attended the incidents and neutralized websites that usurped the identity of public and private institutions.

“Cyber security is a global concern, which appears as one of the priority activities of all security bodies,” Castilla said.

The Government of Mexico presented its new cyber security strategy based on the recommendations that the Organization of American States (OAS) delivered last June. Mexico joined countries like Colombia, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Paraguay, Chile and Costa Rica, which have already adopted a similar strategy.

In addition to the support of the OAS for the development of the strategy, Mexico received financial contributions from the Government of Canada.

“Cyber security must work so that the Internet continues to be a space where democracy can reach its fullness,” noted the executive secretary of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE), Alison August-Treppel.

The head of the Innovation and Technology Strategy Unit of the Office of the President of Mexico, Víctor Lagunes, highlighted that more than 80 percent of cyber crimes can be avoided by taking preventive actions.

Lagunes said that Mexico launched a campaign to raise awareness and prevent cyber crimes such as “phishing” (theft of personal data), identity theft and “grooming” (harassment and sexual abuse against minors), with measures to combat them.

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