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Mexico City La Unión Tepito gang leader, brother arrested

Mexico City, Mexico — Alleged criminal gang leader, Roberto Moyado Esparz or El Betito, has been arrested. Moyado is said to be the leader of the criminal group, La Unión Tepito, a gang, police say, is dedicated to drug dealing, extortion and kidnappings in the downtown area of Mexico City.

La Unión Tepito and the Tláhuac cartel are the organizations police say have generated a majority of the violence in the Mexican capital in recent years. The Tláhuac Cartel has been linked to the Beltrán Leyva Cartel, while La Unión Tepito was allegedly supported by the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación.

Roberto Moyado is said to have led the group. He is also under suspicion for the death and abandonment of two dismembered bodies on Avenida Insurgentes in July of last year.

Moyado is alleged to be involved in drug dealing, extortions, kidnappings and executions and had a La Unión de Tepito leader, Pancho Cayagua, killed to take control of the criminal group. Moyado was arrested in a vehicle along with his 50-year-old brother who is also linked to drugs and gang violence.

Police say when they arrested Moyado, he had changed his appearance with hair implants and a severe weight loss of more than 30 kilos in an attempt to avoid being identified and arrested.