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Over 3,000 human bone fragments found at site

Matamoros, Coahuila — More than 3,000 body fragments have been discovered in a town by a missing person’s group.

Relatives of missing person belonging to Vida Group made a discovery of around 3,000 bone fragments in the town of San Antonio del Alto, in the municipality of Matamoros, Coahuila.

Silvia Ortiz, head of the group and mother of a missing person, reported they went to the site for the first time to make a search tour.

Ortiz commented that the search was positive, because in addition to the skeletal remains they found a tambo holed, similar to those used by organized crime to burn the bodies.

In addition to the tambo and the bone remains, they found dental pieces and a series of non-biological objects of great importance to the group.

“It is one more point to continue working on the recovery of remains, we do not finish exploring the area and we will have to return,” said Silvia Ortiz.

Vida group has organized different searches and findings in various areas of Coahuila, mainly in the Laguna region, such as in the towns of Patrocinio, and Santa Elena in San Pedro and Estación Claudio in the municipality of Viesca.

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