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Six bodies found hanging from bridges in La Paz, Los Cabos

La Paz, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur — Violence in the state of Baja California escalated yesterday when six bodies were found hanging on three different vehicular bridges in the municipalities of La Paz and Los Cabos, the first discovery of its kind in the state.

Local residents were the ones to spot the men hanging from the bridge near the community of Chametla and that leads to the International Airport of La Paz. They called authorities. Almost simultaneously, in San José del Cabo, they reported the finding of two dead people on the bridge in the area of Las Veredas, which leads to Los Cabos International Airport. About 30 minutes later, two more people were spotted hanging from a vehicular bridge at kilometer 4.5 section Cabo San Lucas-San José del Cabo.

In a press conference, the attorney Daniel de la Rosa said that the six men did not have gunshot wounds and that hours later, a vehicle was secured in La Paz with traces of blood.

The state prosecutor said they will not allow violence to escalate saying, “We must send a clear message. The application of the law must be applied to any criminal or criminal group. The violence does not come right now in Baja California Sur, it has been coming since 2014,and there has been an unprecedented escalation for the Baja Californians. We can not allow it to continue climbing.”

Rescue personnel removed the six bodies from the bridges.. The incidents comes only days after the arrival of a new attorney general.

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