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Mexico figures show tourism increase despite difficult year

Mexico City, Mexico — Officials say that national tourism for Mexico will end the year with 38 million visitors.

Secretary of Tourism, Enrique de la Madrid, says it’s been a complicated year for Mexico yet they are anticipating the year to close with the projected 38 million visitors.

Figures from the National Tourism Business Council reveal the expectations of businessmen of the tourist sector are to close 2017 figures, with more than 38 million visitors. “It is noteworthy, especially for being a complicated year, because we have had tremors, warnings (from the United States) and hurricanes,” Enrique de la Madrid said.

The federal official said that according to figures from the National Tourist Business Council (CNET), one month after the end of the year it is very likely that Mexico will also reach the seventh worldwide position in the arrival of foreign tourists to Mexico.

“To finish with 38 million tourists would be great. There is the possibility we will see it, to see one more place advance (in the world ranking), but also the economic gain is greater, because we are going above last year’s figures. Iit would be another great year, ” he added.

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