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Mexico in agony, torn to pieces by corruption says Ricardo Monreal

Mexico City, Mexico — The future coordinator of the senators of Morena, Ricardo Monreal, said that Mexico is “a country in agony and torn to pieces” by the social decomposition that has been derived from violence, corruption, impunity and inequality.

During a meeting of senators that will integrate the LXIV Legislature with the president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Monreal said that the country faces a systematic crisis of insecurity and rising violence, which has led to complete regions being lost and in the hands of organized crime.

“Corruption, impunity and inequality have deepened and the huge debt that Mexico has to cover, which the new president will receive, they speak of a very serious social decomposition, a country in serious health, a country in agony, torn to pieces,” he emphasized.

He noted the importance of implementing a State Policy for Republican Austerity. “We do not want a mediocre parliamentarism which promotes clientelism and partycracy, excess, luxury and frivolity. We want to implement measures of sobriety,” he added.

“We propose to reduce the budget of the Legislative Power, of the Chamber of Senators by 30 percent. The current budget that the governing bodies of the Senate have raised to the Ministry of Finance is 5.2 billion peso, but we believe that by applying a deep austerity policy, we could reduce more than 1.5 billion peso and have raised the topic with the next secretary of the Treasury (Carlos Urzúa).”

He says that as of September 1, the insurance policy for major medical expenses, the individualized separation insurance and the savings fund for officials and senators will be eliminated.

“We are going to moderate and reduce, but we are also going to put into practice that this exercise is accompanied by a deep transparency,” he added.

He called on the public authorities, autonomous agencies, federal entities, municipalities, local congresses and public universities to act accordingly.

“Let’s reduce the entire cost of the government to invest it for the benefit of the population, this can not wait any longer. We will take immediate action and offer to act with the utmost austerity and sobriety that compel us, but for now, there will be no law or budget that in the Senate of the Republic taht prevents us from complying and applying these measures that translates into a State Policy for Republican Austerity,” he added.