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Mexico minimizes business, visits with Venezuela

Mexico City, Mexico –Mexico says it will join other countries in minimizing business and visits with the country of Venezuela.

For not recognizing the legitimacy of the electoral process developed in Venezuela and not meeting the international standards of a democratic, free, fair and transparent process, the government of Mexico decided to call a meeting with the ambassador, Eréndira Paz Campos.

In accordance with the measures announced in the Declaration of the Lima Group, the Mexican government sat with the Venezuelan ambassador to discuss Mexico’s position.

They also issued an alert to Mexican financial and banking sectors regarding the risk they could incur if they carry out business operations with the Venezuelan government that do not have the backing of the National Assembly, including payment and credit agreements.

The Mexican government made the decision to minimize cultural activities and bilateral cooperation, including military cooperation, and suspend high-level visits to Venezuela until further notice.

Mexico will remain attentive to developments in Venezuela and will continue to seek, both bilaterally and multilaterally, to contribute to the restoration of democratic institutions, respect for human rights and full respect for the rule of law in that country.