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Mexico presidency candidates wrap up tourism campaign

Mexico City, Mexico — The candidates for the presidency of Mexico, which will be decided upon July 1, have finished their National Forum of Tourism campaign in Mexico City.

Ricardo Anaya, presidential candidate of the coalition Por Mexico al Frente, said during his speech that the country is not going in the right direction. “In Mexico, inequality, corruption and violence impede development,” he argued.

Anaya Cortés says he feels that the economy must be promoted and more jobs created. “The first thing we have to do is reduce current spending to increase investment in infrastructure.”

Margarita Zavala, an independent candidate, warned that “Mexico does not require an enlightened person who knows everything”, but “needs a direction” to generate more tourist investment.

She assured Mexicans that it is necessary to strengthen the rule of law and improve security for nationals and tourists. For this, she proposed ending impunity through a better justice system and not giving amnesty to organized crime.

“I am going to spend the investment. I’m going to invest in tourism,” she said. “We need road safety and a country with more airports.”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, candidate for the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia who is running for the third time, said during his campaign speech that his proposal to cancel the New Mexico City Airport (NAICM) is not a conclusive decision.

He said that one of his commitments is to solve the saturation problem of the current International Airport of Mexico City and with that objective, two days after the presidential election, he will seek a dialogue with the federal government.

“I’m going to be knocking on the doors of Los Pinos because I want to talk to President Peña Nieto and an issue that he took to deal with is the airport so that the analysis teams can immediately conform,” he explained.

He said it’s important to have dialogue with the businessmen, contractors and all the entities that constitute that project.

The candidate of the Todos por México coalition, José Antonio Meade, emphasized the importance of increasing the competitiveness of tourist destinations since the objective of developing their proposals will seek to place Mexico as the fifth most visited country and the tenth in generating foreign currency in the tourism sector.

Meade Kuribreña promised to expand the Prospera Program with two million more families, explaining that the current program is intended for 6.8 million Mexican families.

The independent candidate Jaime Rodríguez Calderón criticized the proposal of his opponent José Antonio Meade to expand the staff of Prospera.

“Where the hell are you going to get the money, where? From you? Two million more families? It is not possible. To those two million families we have to generate jobs for them, we can only do that with investment in rural areas, where extreme poverty is,” he said.