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Mexico project to produce electricity from waves

A company in Mexico is moving ahead with a project that will use movement of the sea to produce electricity. They say that the movement of waves, by its force, has great potential to produce electricity.

The project will be developed in Manzanillo, Colima by Eco Wave Power México who say that during their first year, they hope to convert enough electricity for 4,172 homes.

They explain that this type of energy is called undimotriz or wave, and is ideal for countries with large stretches of coastline, such as Mexico who has more than 11,500 kilometers of beaches.

David Morillon, sustainability expert and researcher with the Institute of Engineering of the UNAM, says the Eco Wave company will be responsible for the project that will allow the development of electricity with the reduction of carbon emissions.

“Marine energy increases over time, which is an opportunity for the environment and the industry,” he said.

He explained that they will install a system of floats that transform the mechanical energy of three types of waves, oscillation (static), translation (tide) and seismic (tsunami), into electrical energy, which are low cost and do not pollute.

In the beginning, the plant will have an approximate production of 18,200 megawatts per hour (MW/h) each year to provide electricity to 4,172 homes. The electrical power generated in this plant will be connected to the electrical network by submarine cables, with which it will make it possible to feed the homes.

Because the movement of the waves is a constant factor throughout the year, the plant converts this renewable energy into one of the most usable, which could contribute to the goal of the Secretariat of Energy, which is to generate 50 percent of the country’s electricity in a sustainable manner.

The expected life of the project will be 25 years.