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Mexico requests British extradition for wife of ex-Veracruz governor

Mexico City, Mexico — The Foreign Ministry of Mexico has formally requested the extradition of the wife of former Veracruz governor, Javier Duarte.

The extradition request was made to the British government to extradite Karime Macias back to Mexico for alleged tax crimes.

The extradition request was announced by Arturo Elías Beltrán, head of the PGR office, during a meeting with deputies of the Justice Commission.

Elías Beltrán explained that a few weeks ago, the request was made to the British Foreign Ministry to start the process to draft a “provisional detention order for extradition” against Karime Macías, explaining that now they are waiting for a response from British judicial authorities.

Karime Macías, Javier Duarte’s wife, has lived in London since 2017, where she filed an application for political asylum. In Mexico, she is accused of an alleged fraud of 122 million peso.

In June, members of the Mexican community in the United Kingdom began circuiting flyers in search of Karime Macias titled, “Wanted, Karime Macias de Duarte”. The one-page notice included photos of Macias along with a claim she was wanted by Interpol.