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Mexico’s foreign minister says there is no deportation agreement with US

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico has no interest agreement with the US to carry out the deportation program for migrants says Luis Videgara. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs made it clear that the country is not interested in participating in any agreement with the US who seeks to carry out a massive deportation of migrants.

Videgaray explained that there has been no verbal or written acceptance of any agreement on the matter with the neighboring country. Neither the current federal administration nor the one that will take over on December 1 are interested in such an agreement with the United States.

The agreement the foreign minister speaks of is one for the Mexican government to create a program of mass deportation of Central American migrants.

He discarded versions of an alleged agreement that the United States would be seeking to financially support Mexico in order to deport Central American and Caribbean migrants on Mexican borders and who seek asylum in the neighboring country.

Videgaray said that the issue was already discussed with team members of president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador “and the position is the same. It is not in the interest of our country to enter into an agreement to deport migrants before they cross over illegally to the United States.”

Videgaray responded to questions asked by senators from the different parliamentary groups who also responded to criticisms such as the exclusion of the migratory issue in the new trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada.

“It is a trade agreement. There should be no commitments of a migratory nature, but it does not imply that there is not, as part of the relationship with the United States, a migratory dialogue,” said the foreign minister.