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Mexico’s skiers may not have made finals, but country still proud

Mexican skiers participating in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics may not have made the finals, but they still represented the country well.

Although they didn’t make the finals, skiers Robert Franco and Rodolfo Dickson fulfilled their dream of representing Mexico in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.

Robert Franco made his debut in the freestyle skiing event, where he finished in 27th position. Franco, who is the son of a Mexican father and an American mother, made his debut in the winter competition under the colors of Mexico.

While not faulted, the professional athlete just didn’t make it to be among the top 12 to qualify for the finals.

In the first round, the Mexican finished in the 25th place with 21.60 points and then in his second attempt, looking to be among the top 12, he achieved 36.00 to finish in the 27th position.

The skier had a quiet descent, although a little unbalanced with a mishap that caused him to lose his balance and fal. Although he recovered, he did not manage to make the cut of the 12 best to go in search of the podium.

For his part, his compatriot Rodolfo Dickson finished in 48th place in the giant slalom event.

After taking part in two competitive runs, Dickson Sommers fulfilled his debut where he had times of 1: 17.02 minutes to stay in 55th place on the first start and later advanced where he clocked 1:16.67 to occupy 48th place.