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More arrests made in Carlos Domínguez murder

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas — Authorities say that they have now arrested six people allegedly involved in the January 13 murder of journalist, Carlos Domínguez.

At a press conference, Tamaulipas prosecutor, Irving Barrios said that of those arrested two “intercepted the vehicle in which the journalist Carlos Dominguez was transported, forced him to descend and assaulted him with a puncture-resistant weapon up to 24 times.”

He added that four others “have been accused of having a transcendent participation in the premeditation of the homicide.”

The prosecutor said that two of the detainees, whom he referred to as David ‘N’ and Adrián ‘N’, were part of the group of men who assaulted Domínguez and stabbed him.

In addition, detainees Gabriel ‘N’, Luis Ignacio ‘N’, Juan Jesus ‘N’ and Rodolfo Jorge ‘N’ have been charged for their probable responsibility in the premeditation of homicide.

Four of the six detainees have already been placed at the disposal of judicial authorities and detention has been ordered. Another two were presented before the judicial authority in Nuevo Laredo so their connection to the murder could be determined.

Dominguez, who was the first journalist killed in Mexico in 2018, worked in the newspaper Diario de Nuevo Laredo about two months before his murder.

Barrios said that the investigation continues and it remains to be determined if some of the accused are active journalists. On Wednesday, state authorities annonced two men were arrested in connection to the death of the Mexican journalist.