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More than 17,000 emergency shelters ready across Mexico

Given the potential for the arrival of 32 tropical storms along Mexican coasts this season, 17,000 shelters have been identified as emergency.

State officials from around the country are bracing for what could be a busy hurricane season. With several already named this year, state emergency personnel around Mexico say there are a total of 17,000 emergency shelters earmarked in the event a hurricane or other natural disaster strikes.

The National Coordinator of Civil Protection of the Ministry, Luis Felipe Puente, says that various agencies of the Federal Government, as well as state governments, will carry out the necessary actions in the event of a natural disaster.

He explained they include the Navy on along national coasts, with the Marine Plan and the DN-III-E Plan that would be put into operation by the National Defense Secretariat and the Carrusel Operatives by the Federal Police.

They say that national defence and Carrusel would be responsible for transit issues in the event of things such as landslides.

So far, two hurricanes have passed near the national coasts, each passing land with pounding rain and winds. Tropical Storm Bud caused more than 2,100 people to be temporarily sheltered throughout Baja California Sur.

“We had 2,192 people in temporary shelters. We woke up Sunday to little rain, only strong winds. The people worked impressively well moving to the shelters,” he said adding, “While the 21,000 tourists were secure in the hotels without major incident.”

He stressed that in the wake of disasters, the response of citizens is important.