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More than 200 Mexico schools to get earthquake alarms

Ecatepec, State of Mexico — More than 200 schools around the state of Mexico will be outfitted with earthquake alarms.

On Tuesday, officials began the first installations in Ecatepec. A specialized company is in charge of installing the alarms in all 207 gradeschools.

The municipal government explained that the operation consists of detecting the seismic frequencies and activating the alert up to 60 seconds before movement occurs, depending on the distance between the epicenter and the location of the monitor.

Municipal president, Indalecio Ríos Velázquez, says that the alarms will add a preventative safety feature in line with Civil Protection.

He said that the first schools to be outfitted with the alarms are the ones that suffered the most damage during the September 2018 earthquakes. Among the first schools is the Frida Kahlo kindergarten school in the La Guadalupana neighborhood.

Other schools on the up-first list will inlcude Quetzalcoatl, the primary school Cuitláhuac in Guadalupe Victoria, and Enrique Flores Magón, in Benito Juárez Norte Xalostoc, as well as the Octavio Paz secondary school in Granjas de Ecatepec.

Ríos Velázquez explained that the alarms are placed where students and teachers can clearly hear the alert before an earthquake occurs. The earthquake alarm has 360 degree coverage and does not required electrical installation for it to work. Instead, they run on batteries that must be changed once a year.

The equipment being used in the schools is 360° Anticipated Seismic Alert System (EQ Technologies), which detects earthquakes with risk capacity from any part of the country through Wave P (Primary).

The alarms will be placed by specialists from the company Alta Prevención WT México, which has an international presence in countries such as Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.