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More than 22,000 Mexicans on organ donor waiting list

Mexico City, Mexico — More than 22,000 patients remain on an organ donor waiting list around the country.

The list of patients in Mexico waiting for organ transplants is over 22,000, most of whom hope to receive a kidney, said Miguel Ángel Porras Ramos, head of the Transplant Unit of the General Hospital.

He says that more than 60 percent of the total donations in the country are channeled through the IMSS in Mexico City.

The doctor explained that from the list, 14,000 await the donation of one kidney, while 7,000 are in need of corneas. The list also includes 750 patients waiting for a new liver, 56 for a new heart, 14 for a pancreas and the remainder for an organ or tissue to improve their quality of life.

He indicated that every year in Mexico, between all institutions, there are just over 2,700 kidney transplants, but there are also transplants of pancreas, heart, liver and corneas.

At a press conference, Porras Ramos was accompanied by Dr. Rocío Techalotzi, coordinator of Organ and Tissue Transplants of the General Hospital of Zone, La Margarita, in the Puebla capital stated that they just had their first multi-organ donation in the hospital.

They explained that a 62-year-old woman arrived at the hospital May 29 brain dead.

“She was reported as healthy, was not diabetic or hypertensive, nor had any chronic degenerative disease, but unfortunately she arrived with a severe neurological condition, so she had to be intubated.

“Studies of her reported a hemorrhage in the brain that evolved to a brain death, “said Dr. Rocío Techalotzi. Miguel Ángel Porras Ramos, said that after analyzing the patient’s medical parameters, he indicated that despite being an elderly woman, she had very good biochemical parameters to be an adequate donor.

Marco Antonio Villaseñor Díaz, director of La Margarita, recalled that as of September 2017, the hospital received a large number of patients including a multi-organ donation. Since January 2018, there have been 10 donations, nine of corneas and one multi-organ.