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More than 250 Halloween youths arrested in Durango

Victoria de Durango, Durango — More than 200 youths arrested on Halloween night in the city of Durango, say authorities.

On the night of Halloween in Durango, a total of 259 young people were arrested for disturbing public order and damaging homes, reported the Municipal Department of Public Security (DMSP).

At 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, an operation began that included the participation of elements of the preventive and road police to protect homes and businesses from potential Halloween vandalism.

As the night wore on, police began arresting people, many of whom were minors found to be carrying objects that ranged from a gotcha gun to baseball bats and aerosol cans of paint. Police also noted that they confiscated a considerable amount of eggs.

Other objects found on those arrested included knives and one rifle.

Ceclia Soto Mendonza, head of Public Safety, said part of their patrol mission was to prevent people from throwing eggs at homes and passing vehicles.

The most patrolled areas included J. Guadalupe Rodriguez, Jardines de Durango, Villas del Guadiana, Huzache 1 and 2, Lomas del Parque, and Centro zones.

All detainees were placed at the disposal of the Administrative Court where the parents were requested to appear who were encouraged to be more careful with the actions of their children, especially those who carried gotcha guns because of the risk of misuse.

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