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Murder of another journalist in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico — The prosecutor’s office in Mexico City began an investigation into the murder of an “employee of a media outlet”, who was attacked early Saturday morning in the Coyoacán neighborhood of the Mexican capital.

In a statement, the Attorney General of Mexico City said that, according to the investigation, the victim was assaulted with a firearm and that the motive for the events “was a robbery.”

According to the statement, the victim was assisted by police, who told them “that two individuals had assaulted him with a firearm to deprive him of his belongings.”

The man was taken to a hospital, where he died later, prosecutors said in the statement.

The Mexican newspaper El Universal published on Saturday on its website that one of its publishers, named José Gerardo Martínez, was assaulted and murdered early Saturday morning in Coyoacán.

The description of the events coincides with the statement of the capital prosecutor, although this does not indicate the name of the victim, the position or the environment where he worked. The media asks that the act not remain unpunished.

A UN report of December 2017 says that at least 73 journalists have been killed in Mexico since 2010.


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