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National Electoral Institute hires new company for security

Mexico City, Mexico — After canceling the agreement with the National Polytechnic Institute to strengthen the security of their computer systems, the National Electoral Institute (INE) hired a new company to maintain triple computer shielding during the election.

This was reported by counselor Marco Antonio Baños, president of the United Commissions for Training and Organization of the INE, who said that although the agreement with the National Polytechnic Institute was canceled in March, security of the systems is still guaranteed.

According to him, the contracted company Ssitum will takeover the same agreement that was made with the National Polytechnic Institute. They will have the responsibility of reviewing attack attempts of the Institute’s systems and will provide permanent monitoring.

Eventually “if there were to be an attack that invaded any of the systems of the institute they define the measures that will be followed so that the system continues to function and the information is guaranteed,” he explained.

At the end of March, the INE and the National Polytechnic Institute announced the early cancellation of the agreement by which the academic institution would provide the service of “continuity of operations” and “support of technological tools” to the systems during the election.

The INE had reported that it would use only its human and technical resources for that shielding with the support of experts.