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Nearly 300 motorcycles sent to Guadalajara pound for infractions

Guadalajara, Jalisco — Nearly 300 motorcycles were taken to the city pound in the last week after police in Guadalajara began a new road surveillance program.

La Policía Vial or road police began an intense surveillance program last week in order to crack down on bad motorcycle drivers. La Secretaría de Movilidad (Ministry of Mobility) reports that the seizure of the motorcycles came from a Wednesday to Friday surveillance that took place last week.

They report that during the three-day program, 298 motorcycles were sent to the pound for various violations including no license plate, no circulation card and/or no driver’s license. They say that 1,1917 tickets were issued for various violations that included carrying more than two people on a bike, driving without a helmet and and traveling in restricted lanes.

La Secretaría de Movilidad says that on Wednesday, the first day of the operation, 93 motorcycles were placed on a flatbed tow truck and hauled to the pound. On day two, 105 motorcycles were seized and on Friday, another 100 bikes were towed to the city’s facilities.

They say that during the three-day surveillance, they had a higher than normal count of infractions. They say that driving without a license requires the automatic withdrawal of a motorcycle, however, other violations such as no helmet only leads to a ticket.