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Nestle Mexico to produce 30 new healthy kids products

Nestlé Mexico will launch 30 new healthy products for kids by 2030 as part of its Nestlé global initiative for Healthy Children.

The announcement was made by Juan Pardo, deputy director of Corporate Affairs of the company in the national market.

“In Mexico we have a goal to launch at least 30 new products with a specific profile for children from now on. However, that does not mean that in past years we have not done anything.

“Last year we launched organic Gerber, removing all the added sodium and sugar of that brand,” explained Pardo.

By 2020, globally, the company intends to increase its vegetable servings by 750 million in its products, as well as reduce sugar content by 5 percent and sodium by 10 percent.

The Healthy Children program is based on the three pillars of knowledge development and nutrition research, the creation of specific products for children and the implementation of education plans for both parents and infants.

With this initiative, the company hopes to have a positive impact on 50 million children in the world by 2030, seeing at least five million children in Mexico benefit.

“Mexico represents the fifth most important market. That’s why we want to collaborate with 10 percent of the goal that was set globally. In 2006, we started working with education programs for children,” shared the director.

Last year, Nestlé allocated 13 billion peso to decrease material imports and improve local purchasing by investing more in Mexico. The allocated funds was set aside for the purchase of raw material in Mexico to manufacture its various products.