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New Airport of Mexico officially suspended by government

Mexico City, Mexico — The construction of the Nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad México in Texcoco has been officially suspended says the ministry of communications.

The head of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), Javier Jiménez Espriú, reported that since December, the construction of the El Nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad México was officially suspended, however, the decision was delayed a few days until it guaranteed the repurchase of the project’s financial bonds.

During the morning conference, Jiménez Espriú stressed that he has already begun negotiating the contracts necessary to terminate them or to resolve matters accordingly with owners. He acknowledged, however, that the government could not make a decision on the completion of the construction of the new airport until the issue of the repurchase of the project’s financial bonds was resolved.

Jiménez Espriú clarified that with the purchase of the bonds, “the idea is each year to diminish the 200 million debt.”

He explained that January 4 was the day set for the acquisition of the bonds, “but that we did not have to wait, since from December 25 or 26, there was the acceptance of the sale of the bonds.”

He said that on December 27, a meeting was held with the Administration Council of the Airport Group of Mexico City and, given that the problem of the bonds had been resolved, “instructions were given to the director to initiate the cancellation of contracts, the termination of contracts or the negotiation of contracts.”