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New apartment buildings in Mexico City among those collapsed

Mexico City, Mexico — The city of Mexico is going after real estate companies for not following building codes after the devastation of the September earthquakes.

A report after the earthquakes revealed that 17 percent of the buildings declared uninhabitable in the Benito Juárez region were either new or very recently constructed.

Half a dozen of the buildings in that region that were built less than a year ago were heavily damaged in the earthquakes and today, are listed as uninhabitable by Civil Protection. One of the buildings now deemed uninhabitable, Elite Apartments, was less than 100 days old when the quake struck.

The new apartment building suffered damage to its structure and was cataloged by Civil Protection authorities as irreparable, saying the stairwell cannot withstand the weight of a human and noting that the construction company has not made any appearance since the quake hit.

Six of the buildings labeled as irreparable were less than 10 years old with one of the collapsed apartment buildings being only nine months old. Inside that collapse, two residents were killed. Many of those homeowners paid as much as 3 million peso for an apartment.

Civil Protection has since reviewed the apartments and found “deficiencies in the design and execution of the construction in the castings and the floors, as well as flaws in the rods, which were seen at first glance.”

According to the national coordinator of Civil Protection, Luis Felipe Puente, a preliminary count of 2,288 properties were damaged, and of those, as many as 500 could collapse.

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