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New information shows Javier Durate diverted 90 percent of state educational funds

Veracruz, Mexico — New information shows ex-Veracruz governor, Javier Durate, diverted approximately 90 percent of the state’s allocated educational funds to unknown accounts.

In a recent report from the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) released this week, it was revealed that in the last year of Javier Duarte’s government, 90 percent of the federal educational funds granted to Veracruz were diverted to unknown bank accounts.

They have found that in 2016, the federal government awarded the Duarte administration more than 1.2 billion peso for educational infrastructure and social assistance foe the Universidad Veracruzana, the Institute of Educational Spaces and the DIF.

According to the Superior Audit of the Federation, at least 132.2 million peso were retained in the Ministry of Finance and State Planning.

However, it was also revealed that more than 1 billion peso was transferred to other bank accounts that to date, have not been reinstated in the fund’s account. Authorities have also detected more than 200 million peso deviated by Duarte de Ochoa in his last year of government, which was cause for treasury embezzlement.

In light of this new information, Veracruz governor Miguel Ángel Yunes, has requested the government comptroller to review the report and file another criminal complaint with the State Attorney’s Office.