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New mother gives birth to twins but handed only one child

Mexico City, Mexico — A woman who was expecting twins gave birth on June 4 but handed only one child.

The 25-year-old woman who gave birth to twins at the Ticomán Hospital in Mexico City, reported that she was stripped of one of her newborns inside hospital facilities.

According to the statements of María Guadalupe N, she went to the Ticomán Hospital on June 4 to give birth to her twins, however, the doctors only gave her one baby.

The Attorney General of Mexico City reported that the possible theft of a baby in the hospital Ticomán will be taken up by the prosecution for investigation of crimes committed by public servants.

Edna Ramírez, the victim’s lawyer, reported that her client had four ultrasounds in three different places indicating that María Guadalupe was expecting twins.

She added that during labor, the mother heard the crying of the two children, however, the medical staff told her that the other baby never existed or disintegrated.

The Attorney General explained that as part of the investigations the director of the hospital was asked for the mother’s clinical record, safety videos of the operating room, detailed report of the participants of the birth and copy of the certificate of clinical analyzes and studies.

The hospital in Ticoman has had at least three previous investigations for the disappearance of newborns. In each of the reports, the mothers all say they heard and saw their children, but were later told that they had died, adding that the hospital went through great measures to avoid giving them the bodies.