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New snow hits some areas of Mexico for first time this year

Mexico Weather — Several parts of Mexico have been dusted with snowfall as cold front 24 makes its way across the country.

New snowfalls were recorded in the mountainous peaks of the west, east and center of the country, resulting in the first snowfall of the year in the Cofre de Perote and Pico de Orizaba peña, in Veracruz.

The cold front also caused the second snowfall of the year in the Xinantécatl volcano, known as Nevado de Toluca, in the State of Mexico, where some visitors took advantage of the white landscape.

There was also the presence of fog on the Picacho-Ajusco, Mexico-La Marquesa and Naucalpan-Toluca highways. State and federal authorities reminded people to pay attention to the road signs and circulate roadways with caution.

Pico del Águila, in the Ajusco, was doused with hail of the previous night which left a white scene.

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) is forecasting rain and hail in the northeast, west and center of the country for the weekend.

They are also forecasting the arrival of a new cold front, which will cross the north and northeast of the country on Saturday and quickly cross into the Gulf of Mexico from Sunday to Monday.

This condition, again, will raise the potential for very strong to intense rains in eastern and southeastern Mexico, as well as generate a “North” event on the Gulf of Mexico, Isthmus and Gulf of Tehuantepec.