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Parliamentary meeting on National Guard postponed until New Year

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico parliament has postponed the National Guard debate and possible approval until the middle of January.

The Chamber of Deputies postponed the debate and, if appropriate, the approval of the creation the National Guard until January 16 and 17 in an extraordinary period of sessions.

After the voices of opposition and protests were registered in San Lazaro, the parliamentary coordinators agreed to request that the Permanent Commission, in an extraordinary session to unburden the reform, postpone the session that will modify 13 articles of the Constitution for 2019.

This decision was made with the purpose of creating a way to generate the broadest agreement among the different political forces. Parliment says that before they meet, hearings will be held with governors, mayors, federal authorities, academics and specialists, among others to add to the analysis in an open and transparent manner.

The coordinator of Morena in San Lazaro, Mario Delgado, reported that the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, invited all parliamentary leaders to a breakfast meeting to hear their views regarding the National Guard.

Delgado said that postponing the debate was not a bargaining chip to withdraw the encirclement of the Chamber of Deputies.

“We do not want the National Guard to be seen as the project of a single party,” Delgado said at a press conference. For the same purpose, it will be proposed to the Chamber of Senators that the analysis are developed in conference.

Last Thursday, with the demand of the opposition and the absence of the PRI and the PVEM, the members of Morena, PT and PES caucuses endorsed in the Constitutional Points Commission in the Lower House, the opinion to reform the Constitution and create the National Guard.