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Pemex says judicial system against theft ineffective

The general director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Carlos Alberto Treviño Medina, said that the criminal justice system has not been very efficient to attack the theft of fuels in the country adding that over the past year, approximately 2,200 people from across the country have been arrested in relation to Pemex fuel theft.

“We have also lost many comrades, perhaps more than ten in the last two years, fighting this crime,” he added.

He maintained that Pemex knows the places where the robberies occur and whose doing it, so they are stopped and delivered to the authorities. “However, our judicial system is not very efficient. I have complained and I have said that there is great impunity,” he said.

He explained that last year they assured nearly 2,200 people, whether marketing, drilling, filling pipes or driving trucks with allegedly stolen fuel. We are a victim of this process.

“We have worked with the authorities to improve the integration of the files and be able to process them,” noting that he is dissatisfied since of the total number of arrests made, only 1 percent ended with a process.

He said that the individuals who are detained argue before the judge various reasons to be freed, such as not knowing the contents of the transport or when it occurs at sea, they throw themselves in the water and declare themselves shipwrecked.

“The truth,” he said, “is that it’s frustrating, I’m very angry about this issue, but hey, it’s a problem of impunity from my point of view.”

Pemex pipeline theft has been an ongoing problem for years. In March, more than 32,000 liters of stolen Pemex fuel was recovered in two municipalities of Veracruz in one arrest.