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Peña Nieto meets with Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Mexico City, Mexico — A first meeting has been held between current Mexico president Enrique Peña Nieto and the winner of the presidential election, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The meeting took place Tuesday with the federal president stressing that the transition process will be orderly, detailed and transparent.

In the meeting held at the National Palace, the head of the federal executive endorsed the willingness of his government to provide López Obrador with the support he needs to prepare for the start of the next federal administration.

Peña Nieto said that “this coordinated effort has the purpose of concluding, in an orderly and effective way, the current administration and offer the future government the best conditions so that it can initiate a successful management for the benefit of Mexicans.”

He reiterated that his government “will continue to work with all dedication until the last day of his term to fulfill the commitments he assumed with the citizens,” and that “he will maintain close communication with the future president and his team of collaborators.”

In the meeting held with the goal of discussing the transition process between the two administrations that will develop over the next months, the president reiterated to López Obrador his congratulations for the result of the elections.

Both welcomed the successful development of the election day as well as the civic spirit and intense citizen participation that characterized it, Peña Nieto said in a statement.

Issues will be addressed in a coordinated manner, in particular, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit will provide the necessary assistance for the preparation of the Economic Package corresponding to the first year of the incoming administration.

He pointed out that in accordance with the electoral regime, the district counts and later, the qualification of the election by the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Power, must be carried out before the latter can issue the certificate of majority of the president-elect.

He said that from that moment, the formal transition process foreseen by the respective legal framework will begin, and that in order to coordinate the dialogue between both administrations, the Government of the Republic will designate a group of officials that will act as counterparts for those already chosen by López Obrador.