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Plane landing in Baja California Sur struck by lightening

La Paz, Baja California Sur — Personnel from civil aeronautics have confirmed that a plane landing at La Paz over the weekend was stuck by lightening.

The strike occurred when the plane was attempting to land at the La Paz International Airport in Baja California Sur. The strike, they said, came from electrical activity as Tropical Storm Bud was passing the region.

Commander with Civil Aeronautics, Jesús Castillo Reyes, reported that an Aeromexico aircraft was hit by lightning as it prepared to land at La Paz International Airport Saturday.

Jesús Castillo says there is no report of injured people, but some instruments of the plane were damaged.

“It was landing at La Paz airport. Apparently in its final phase it suffered a lightning strike, which happens.

“Some of the instruments of the aircraft suffered some damage, but it did not occur to be major. Nevertheless the aircraft had to undergo a review and maintenance,” he explained.

He said the Aeromexico plane was carrying 97 passengers when it was stuck. None of the passengers or crew were injured.