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Police director arrested for involvement in criminal activity

Isidro Fabela, Mexico — The Attorney General of the State of Mexico says that the director of police for the municipality of Isidro Fabela has been arrested for his involvement in criminal activity.

The criminal acts, they say, are from May 27 against two people who were severely injured from being physically assaulted on the outskirts of the Municipal Palace of Isidro Fabela.

The allegations say that Rafael “N”, director of the municipal police of Isidro Fabela, was arrested for participating in the beating of two people using the butts of their weapons.

According to the declaration of one of the two victims, at least five individuals, including the detainee, began to assault them verbally and physically when they were outside the municipal police headquarters.

Subsequently, the two assaulted individuals were brought in to the courtyard of the municipal police station where they continued to be beaten by Rafael “N” and other subjects who threatened to harm their families if they reported to an authority.

However, one of the victims made a complaint before the General Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico, who began an investigation and collected sufficient evidence to request a judge to issue an arrest warrant against the police director.

Rafael “N” remaines at the disposal of a Judge inside the Tlalnepantla Prison.