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Police locate Tijuana grave of hundreds dissolved in acid

Tijuana, Baja California — Police have located a pit in Tijuana that they say contains the remains of people missing due to José Santiago Meza Lopez.

Lopez, who was arrested in 2009, is better known as El Pozolero and is deemed the man responsible behind the disappearance of hundreds of bodies. The man who worked as a masonry along the Tiajuana-US border was reportedly paid $600 USD per week to dispose of bodies deemed enemies of the Arellano Felix Cartel.

Fernando Ocegueda Flores, founder of the association United for the Disappeared of Baja California, says that since 2006, 1,274 bodies have disappeared in the state. Eight years after his arrest, they have only now discovered the large pit where Lopez is said to have disposed of bodies he dissolved in drums filled with caustic soda.

Forensic experts have found hundreds of human fragments and dental pieces in the mass clandestine grave which was discovered in the Cicoac colony of Tijuana.

“There are complete bones,” Flores says, “I could not tell you how many there are, I do not want to be reckless,” adding that his struggle to search for the missing does not end there because it is not the first time that remains have been found on that property.

Among human remains, forensic personnel have also found tools Lopez used including gloves, hoses, tweezers and caustic soda. After his arrest, Lopez confessed to dissolving more than 300 bodies in acid.

Lopez remains in a federal prison in Tepic, Nayarit. He has never been formally sentenced.