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Police officer found linked to kidnapping takes life

Aguascalientes — Ex-minister Jaime Tejeda Ponce, took his life inside the Cereso for Aguas Calientes after returning from a hearing where he was found linked to the crime of kidnapping.

During his hearing, Tejeda Ponce was found linked to the crime of forced disappearance and sentenced to pre-trial detention for six months while the prosecution investigated.

However, according to an official statement from the Public Security Secretariat of Aguascalientes, after returning from his hearing, Tejeda Ponce entered the jail and took his own life.

“Tejeda Ponce requested authorization to use the toilet at which time he took advantage of the elements available to him to try to take his own life,” the statement said.

They explained that police entered the toilet after a long delay. Once they realized he had tried to commit suicide, on on-duty prison doctor was called.

Tejada Ponce was still alive when the doctor arrived, but died soon after inside the Miguel Hidalgo Hospital. His death has been confirmed by doctors.