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Political parties donate electorial campaign money for victims

Mexico City, Mexico — After public pressure for Mexican political parties to donate for earthquake victims, the National Electoral Institute (INE) has agreed to fork over resources to help restore the country.

INE has agreed that political parties can donate a portion of their 2018 electorical campaign budget toward restoring damage caused during the September earthquakes.

The National Electoral Institute says that it is necessary to allocate some of the resources received from the state to support those affected by the earthquakes. The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) said it will donate 258 million pesos, an amount that accounts for 25% percent of its annual resources.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador who is currently leading polls going into next year´s election, proposed that 50 percent of the resources of his National Regeneration Movement party be used in support of victims.

Prior to the September 19th earthquake he also pledged a donation of 20 percent of campaign spending to victims of the September 7th earthquake.

Ricardo Anaya and Alejandra Barrales, who lead the Frente Amplio Democrático coalition between the PRD and PAN for 2018, also supported the proposal but did not specify any amount they intended to donate.

Financial aid is also being provided by large companies such as Heineken who ceased producing beer and instead, has manufactured more than one million bottles of water to be shipped to Mexico City, Puebla, Morelos and Oaxaca.

Facebook has donated $1 million USD to Mexico’s Red Cross, while telecoms firm AT&T has announced that it will also donate $1 million USD.

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