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Presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya says contest only between him and Obrador

The presidential candidate of the Por México al Frente coalition, Ricardo Anaya, affirmed that the electoral contest will be between Andrés Manuel López Obrador and him.

12 days after the end of the pre-campaigns, the PAN candidate said that it is clear that PRI candidate José Antonio Meade “collapsed” and was out of the competition.

“It will be a final contest of two. We will be competing for the Presidency, in real terms, will be the candidate of Morena and I as candidate of the Front ”

To solve a problem, we must first recognize it. Sinaloa continues to be one of the five states with the most malicious homicides in the country. The time has come to change this reality. With the Front, we will guarantee the security of the families and the development of the state.

Prior to holding a meeting with PAN, PRD and Movimiento Ciudadano members in Sinaloa, the presidential candidate said he was convinced that in the coming weeks he will win the presidential candidate, since the project of his competitor are very old ideas that have not worked.

He said that the list of general, anti-corruption and electoral prosecutors presented by the pre-candidate of the Morena-PES-PT coalition, exposes his “clumsiness” and lack of information on the subject, for which he committed himself to winning the elections of the July 1, promote autonomous and independent people to political parties.

“He was already good politicians in the prosecution taking care of the backs of other corrupt politicians. That has caused serious damage in the country, has caused much impunity, “he said insisting that the law should be applied without a partisan distinction, and not as proposed by Lopez.

During his message in Mazatlan, he warned that he will not allow the “bad” PRI to carry out a dirty war against him.

“We are not going to allow them, that is very clear, I come to tell Mazatlan that with us they will bump into the wall,” he concluded.