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PRI political candidate Gustavo Gómez Álvarez shot, killed eating breakfast

Puebla, Mexico — Political PRI candidate Gustavo Gómez Álvarez was shot to death Friday in the state of Puebla while eating breakfast.

Gustavo Gómez Álvarez, who was a PRI candidate for Edil de Francisco Z. Mena in the state of Puebla, was assassinated by a commando armed with bullets on Friday when he was having breakfast near the Metlaltoyuca church.

The PRI candidate was shot twice in the head while the perpetrators of the crime fled the scene.

The murder has already been condemned by the PRI Steering Committee in the state. Jorge Estefan Chidiac demanded that the Attorney General’s Office investigate the facts and asked them to guarantee the electoral contest.

During a press conference at Casa América in Madrid, Luis Almagro, general director of the Organization of American States (OAS) warned that assassinations and aggressions during this electoral year are unacceptable.

In January, PRI party member Jorge Montes González was shot and killed while driving his car in the city of Celaya, Guanajuato.

Gustavo Gómez Álvarez is the second candidate for a popularly elected office killed in this election year. Gómez Álvarez was previously municipal president of Francisco Z. Mena during 2011 to 2013.

According to figures provided by the Herald of Mexico, this was the 69th politician murdered in Mexico during the current electoral period that began on September 8.