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Puebla mayor arrested for carrying without permit

San Salvador Huixcolotla, Puebla — Police from Puebla have arrested the mayor of Huixcolotla for carrying weapons without a license.

The mayor, along with six others, have been charged with the crimes of resistance to individuals and carrying a firearm without a license.

The mayor of San Salvador Huixcolotla, Filomeno Cruz Gutiérrez, was arrested Saturday afternoon by members of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) for carrying a firearm without a permit.

The prosecutor explained that Puebla state police officers stopped the driver of a Ford truck for speeding in the Guadalupe neighborhood in the municipality of Acatzingo. They say that passengers inside the truck attempted to flee while police were inspecting the vehicle, which is when three firearms were found.

As a result of the discovery, Filomeno Cruz Gutiérrez was arrested, identifying himself as mayor of Huixcolotla. Others arrested included Seleff N, Hugo N, Diego N, Luis Angel N, Rigoberto N and Miguel N.

The arrest comes on the heels of several other accusations, among them verbal assaults and the sale huachicol (homemade alcohol) being allowed, accusations the mayor has denied. Other reports say the mayor and the arrested men are linked to the murder of three police in Huehuetlán El Grande.