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Puebla narco leader dubbed queen of the south, arrested

Puebla, Puebla — A woman thought to be the leader of a narco group in the capital city of Puebla has been arrested by federal authorities.

The Ministry of the Navy with the authorities from Puebla dismantled a narco band led by a woman identified as Liliana N, who called herself The Queen of the South.

The woman is identified as the alleged perpetrator of criminal acts in the capital of Puebla, which include a murder and a beheading of a young man.

Diódoro Carrasco Altamirano, head of the Government Secretariat, explained on Wednesday night and into the early morning hours of Thursday, two properties were searched.

The properties were located in Loma Bella and Balcones del Sur, both south of the city of Puebla. In addition to the capture of La Reyna del Sur, three people with a criminal record for the distribution of narcotics were also taken into custody.

“As a result of the acts of extreme violence that occurred last week in the case of El Periférico and San Bartolo, a process of investigation was initiated and that last night and into early today, two searches were carried out,” he explained.

Secretary of Public Security, Jesús Morales Rodríguez, said that this cell is credited with the May 24 discovery of a human head inside the housing unit of San Bartolo in Puebla.

Those arrested are also allegedly responsible for the executed body found on May 26 in the vicinity of Jardines de la Montaña. He specified that on that occasion, narco messages were found directed toward other bands dedicated to drug dealing in the capital city.

The message read Learn to not mess with The Queen of the South.

Both officials explained that the responsibility of Liliana N in the disappearance of a 12-year-old minor who was found dead and abandoned in the Periférico south of the city is also being investigated.