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Puerto Vallarta Civil Protection gives safety talk to American residents

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco – Staff of the Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection and Fire gave a safety talk to approximately one hundred US residents in Puerto Vallarta, regarding the family plan of civil protection.

Head of the organization, Adrián Bobadilla García, said that the presentation was put together at the request of the US consular agent for Puerto Vallarta, Kelly Trainor.

The exhibition was held at Plaza Marina, where he says, “We talked about the family protection plan for the North American community that lives in Puerto Vallarta which, like any of the other residents, are exposed to natural phenomenons.”

He explained that the talk gave the American community the same information that is given among the families of Vallarta, in that it is very important to develop a civil protection plan and adapt to it in the event of any emergency.

It is important to know the particular needs of each person, including the detection of risks areas of security, both inside and outside the home. The talk taught them to locate evacuation routes where the detected risks are indicated, prepare how to act in the face of an emergency such as a weather disaster, and to carry out simulations periodically.

Also, to have an emergency backpack where important documents, directory of relatives, emergency services, food and water, first aid kit, tools for emergency repairs and radio and flashlight with batteries are stored.

“It is important that foreign residents trust our municipal institutions, so we give them this 30-minute conference, talking about security measures to which phenomena Puerto Vallarta constantly faces.

“It is a way of telling them that we continue to be professional as a unit in order to give a service to any person, regardless of nationality,” he concluded.

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