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Relatives of missing Italians in Mexico start hunger strike

A hunger strike has been started by the relatives of the three Italian men who have been reported missing in Mexico since January of this year.

Italian nationals Raffaele Russo, Antonio Russo and Vincenzo Cimmino have been missing since January 31 when they were last noted as being in Jalisco. Due to lack of information and action on behalf of Mexican authorities, relatives in Rome have begun a hunger strike.

Francesco Russo, son of Raffaele Russo said that they expect the hunger strike to force authorities to speed up the investigation and find the whereabouts of their relatives.

“Mexico does not respond, nor does the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Corruption is at a very high level and Mexico cannot control all this crime.

“We had a demonstration in Rome, a hunger strike for the three Italians missing in Mexico,” said Francesco. He added that their pleas were successful because they were acknowledged by Italian authorities.

“Immediately the two secretaries of the president of the Italian parliament listened to us and guaranteed us an appointment with the parliament speaker Roberto Fico so that they can listen to our demands to find our relatives in Mexico,” he explained.

The three Italians disappeared January 31 in Tecalitlán, Jalisco and, according to officials, four police officers were arrested in their disappearance.