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Residents in Hidalgo city demand mayor explain toxic cloud

Tizayuca, Hidalgo — After a toxic cloud was seen in the skies of Tizayuca, residents are demanding the mayor report the company.

Nearby residents of Tizayuca say a toxic cloud that entered the air August 18 affected numerous residents. In a demonstration, they demanded that the mayor release the name of the company responsible for the poisoning the air.

Protesters demonstrated in the industrial zone of Tizayuca to also demand compliance with the official laws to control the health and environment, accusing several companies of operating without the intervention of legal bodies.

They say authorities such as the Federal Procurator’s Office for Protection of the Environment. Environment (Profepa) is one of the bodies responsible for protecting the enviornment.

According to residents, the mayor has allowed companies to operate in the area without guaranteeing minimum security conditions to avoid mishaps in the region that may be harmful for the inhabitants.

They say the last toxic cloud that occurred on August 18 reached the colonies Nueva Tizayuca, El Sitio, Casas Geo and the Tizayuca Housing Unit without any action from the municipal Civil Protection.

They also denounced the lack of attention on behalf of municipal authorities, saying that different mishaps have occurred with companies in Tizayuca. They say they have not been informed about the type of substance that caused the August 18 cloud.

On September 13, a fire that consumed 30 200-liter drums of unknown substances also formed a toxic cloud in the community of Tepojaco in the same municipality. Several days later, one person died after coming into contact with the toxins.