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Residents say thermoelectric power plant contaminating area

Petacalco, Guerrero — Residents of a nearby Thermoelectric Power Plant have asked officials to step in and verify the level of contamination being emitted by the plant, saying that local flora and fauna have already begun to die off.

Residents of the 2,700-person community of Petacalco in municipality of La Union, requested the Environmental Protection Agency (Profepa) and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) to intervene as soon as possible before the contamination caused by the Thermoelectric Power Plant gets worse.

They say that while flora and fauna have begun to die, they do not know the health affects it is having on people. Some area residents say that since the plant began operations, several species of fish have died in the nearby Balsas River, affecting the income of local residents.

Francisco Aragón Amezcua, area resident says “Our main claim is to CFE for the pollution that we live with every day in our community. We are the people settled next to the thermoelectric plant, suffering daily from the emanation of ashes and noise that is generated for the work of the CFE.”

He adds that “In the town, there are many people sick from the emanation of ash. It contaminated us in all ways, our houses are invaded by coal ash, our clothes never remain clean, they are stained by the ashes that CFE emanates.”

Local townsfolk are requesting the intervention of Profepa and Semarnat to try to remedy the matter, likewise, they requested the intervention of the Secretary of Health of the State Government to make a general inspection in Petacalco for authorities to determine how unhealthy it is for people to live next to the plant.