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Ricardo Anaya fined 3 million for illegal campaign resources

Ricardo Anaya, presidential candidate of the Por México al Frente coalition, triangulated resources for his pre-campaign. In this case, the draft opinion prepared by the Institute’s Technical Inspection Unit is proposing a hearing with the Tax Administration Service.

Through a consultation with the National Banking and Securities Commission, the National Electoral Institute became aware of resources coming from a company, which by law can not make donations to any politician, delivered to persons who, in turn, deposited the resources in Anaya’s pre-campaign account.

Since the electoral law prohibits a company from making contributions to a candidate or a party, the National Electoral Institute will approve the receipt of contributions from an unauthorized entity with a fine of 3 million peso, said Ciro Murayama, president of the Commission of Inspection of the INE.

“It is configured that there was a contribution in money by an interposed person of a person prohibited by law,” said the counselor.

That sanction was approved yesterday and will be submitted for consideration by the General Council of the INE on July 18.

This scheme of resource triangulation was also used by the independent presidential candidate , Jaime Rodríguez Calderón to gather support in favor of his candidacy.

Calderón illegally received contributions from 20 companies. They deposited 4.5 million peso in bank accounts of 23 citizens with low purchasing power, which was detected by the electoral body.

One or two days after receiving the deposit, these citizens in turn transferred the money into the account that the independent presidential candidate used to finance the collection of citizen support. The investigation into Calderón found several irregularities.

The INE will debate on July 18 with the Supervisory Commission to establish fines.