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Salgado Macedonio coordinator for Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional party

Tlapa, Guerrero — The former PRD and current representative of the Pro AMLO coordinator, Felix Salgado Macedonio, is now the state coordinator of the Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional party in Guerrero, in addition to being proposed as a candidate for Senator of the Republic.

Salgado Macedonio, who this Sunday joined Morena in the city of Tlapa, said that those who made the proposal were the Pro AMLO coordinator who competed among five candidates including Pablo Amílcar Sandoval Ballesteros, Marcial Rodríguez Saldaña, Cesar Núñez and Víctor Wences.

“I have been elected as the state coordinator of Morena’s organization, and this is a great responsibility that I have been given to work in all the municipalities of the state of Guerrero, working in the house-to-house organization,” he said.

He explained that he joined the municipality of Tlapa to be consistent and congruent.

Morena’s current state official said he has received the support of the other contenders, such as Sandoval Ballesteros, who competed in the last gubernatorial election for that party.

Through a statement from Morena, the secretary of organization of the National Executive Committee (CEN), Gabriel García Hernández, announced the result of the opinion study by which Félix Salgado Macedonio was appointed as state coordinator of organization in Guerrero.

In the meeting held with members of the National Commission in charge of following up the agreements of the National Council, were the members of the shortlist that were elected during the session of the State Council of Morena held on August 20, composed of Pablo Amílcar Sandoval Ballesteros, César Núñez Ramos and Marcial Rodríguez Saldaña.

The working meeting was led by Gabriel García Hernández and the president of the State Council of Morena, Luis Enrique Ríos Saucedo, who urged the militants to work together to strengthen the party for the next electoral process. Also present was Mauricio Hernández Núñez, Secretary of Political Training of CEN, member of the National Commission.

Salgado Macedonio has twice been federal deputy, senator of the republic and mayor of Acapulco by the PRD. In addition, he owns La Jornada Guerrero.

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