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Sargassum in Mexico’s northern tourist states under control

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo — Barriers to contain the large amounts of sargassum landing on Cancun and Playa del Carmen beaches have been installed in the sea.

In the northern state of Quintana Roo, environmental groups and state authorities began installing containment barriers last week in Cancun to divert sargassum. As of Thursday, another barrier has been set in waters off the beaches of Playa del Carmen.

The are antisargazo barriers are installed using seabed anchors and raw materials that do not harm the environment. In Playa del Carmen, the first of the barriers that will protect a total of 27 kilometers of coast from the seaweed was installed.

Dagoberto Ruiz of the installation group says the barrier is a quadrant 300 meters wide and 100 meters long to prevent the sargassum from reaching the shore. The barrier will divert the sargassum to extraction points.

Sargassum in Mexico's northern tourist states under control
Photo: Twitter @ GobQuintanaRoo

On shore, the piled sargasso is sucked up by vacuumed tubes that carry it to a truck to transport it to sanitary landfills or deposits where it does not seep into the subsoil.

The floating barrier is currently for oil use, control of additives and spills and does not harm the marine fauna,” explained David Jáuregui, Sargazo Solution director.

The authorities no longer consider the accumulation of sargassum as an atypical phenomenon. Alfredo Arellano, Secretary of Ecology and Environment of Quintana Roo says that due to the ongoing situation, authorities consider the sargassum a plague.