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Severe flooding in Sinaloa as 40 percent of annual rain falls in 48 hours

Sinaloa, Mexico — The governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, reported that the recent rains that fell in 48-hours were 40 percent of of state’s annual rainfall.

Heavy rains have caused deaths and severe flooding in Los Mochis and Culiacán after nearly 40 percent of the state’s annual rains fell in 48 hours. Floods caused by the heavy rains have left one person electrocuted and five missing, said state governor Quirino Ordaz.

“There is no infrastructure that can resist the water levels that fell in the state,” said the state governor adding that 62 communities in 11 of the 18 municipalities have been affected. “The worst of the emergency has already happened and what we want is to begin reconstruction,” he said.

The torrential rains generated by tropical depression 19-E left three communities in the municipality of El Fuerte isolated where five people were reported missing and one lost their life.

The general director of the State Institute of Civil Protection, Francisco Vega, said the rains affected almost half of the state of Sinaloa, leaving several communities flooded and cut of with more than 3,500 people requiring evacuation.

Vega said that 21 shelters were activated to provide temporary shelter for the more than 3,500 who were flooded out of their homes. He said many others chose to go to the homes of relatives.

The Ministry of the Interior made an emergency declaration for the municipalities of Ahome, El Fuerte, Choix, Guasave, Sinaloa, Angostura, Salvador Alvarado, Mocorito, Badiraguato, Navolato and Culiacán.