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Sinaloa judge prohibits US potato imports

Los Mochis, Sinaloa — A judge in Sinaloa has prohibited the importation of fresh US potatoes saying they put national sovereignty at risk.

In what could be the beginning of more things to come, Judge José Francisco Pérez Mier of the Seventh District Court in Los Mochis, Sinaloa declared the shipment unconstitutional, ordering the responsible authorities to deny the entry of fresh potatoes from the United States.

He says that importing food from another country puts national sovereignty and security at risk, adding that he rejects the false ideology that it is better to import basic foods than to encourage production in one’s own country.

While the justice minister praised the economic superiority of the North American producers of potatoes that count on governmental support, he established that given specific factors, importing leads to food dependency toward a foreign power.

Power that in recent times, has institutionalized hostile policies toward Mexico and that in the hypothesis of gaining dominance over the national market, would be the sole supplier of potatoes along with the disappearance of a strategic productive sector for Mexico.

For this reason, he acknowledged that the entry of fresh potato from the American Union violates the human right to food, adding that it is contrary to national sovereignty and undermines national security by causing food dependency.

Judge Pérez Mier considered as a matter of national security to protect the production of staple foods, as in this case, the production of potatoes, since their import weakens the Mexican State as a nation, making it dependent on another country to meet food demands.